The Leader Equation

We get asked frequently what podcasts an Ops Boss™ (Executive Assistant, Director of Operations, Real Estate Admin, COO) should be listening to. We’d like to humbly suggest OURS!

We are now 10 episodes in to “The Leader Equation”, a podcast hosted by our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman, along with Linzee Ciprani, CEO of Ciprani Consulting (the premier recruiter for all things real estate). The podcast is all about the Entrepreneur- Leader relationship. Some call it Visionary/Integrator. We chat with Owners, Founders, CEOs; and their “shotgun leaders” – COOs, Ops Leaders, both inside real estate and beyond. Here’s what we discuss:

➕What adds to the leadership formula?

➖What subtracts?

➗What divides?

✖Most importantly how can YOU multiply your results?

There’s art. There’s science. What works? What doesn’t? Do unicorns exist or are they a figment of your imagination? Is there a model? How do Entrepreneurs find “the one” to partner with? How do “the ones” choose their Visionary? The questions are endless. We explore it all. It’s real. It’s raw. And it’s CHOCK full of implementable nuggets.

Plus. Minus. Divide. Multiply. What’s the formula for success?

We call it. . . . The Leader Equation

So grab your team owner, rainmaker, agent, leader – and take a listen! You can join us most Fridays LIVE on Facebook at 2PM EST and participate with your questions. You’ll also find us on Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts & Spotify.

Previous guests include Seth Campbell, Vlad Kats, Sarah Reynolds, Jennifer Wade, Rock Thomas, Ken Eslick, Matt Fetick, Rachel Gosslin, Daniel Ramsey, Megan Patterson, Vija Williams, Jillene Snell and more! Let us know what you think and who else you’d like to see on the show!