Tool Kit

To be a “Mega EA”, you have to always be growing. After all, if your Mega Agent is growing, you’d better grow too or you’ll get left behind. And besides, it’s FUN! One great way to do that is by reading and implementing what you read.

Here are some books, blogs and publications along with a number of books suggested by assistants, EAs, COO’s and DOO’s who have attended our Be A Boss Classes.

Christy Belt Grossman founded & facilitates the longest running EA Mastermind (now called Ops Mastermind) in the country. Still in full swing, this Mastermind meets in the Keller Williams Realty McLean Market Center monthly and is open to all real estate operations staff – whether you are an EA, COO, TC, LC, Marketing Manager, Assistant or “jack-of-all-trades”!

If you’d like to start an EA/Ops Mastermind – click below to view some of the topics we’ve discussed over the years.