What are people saying?

Stephanie, you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

What have you tangibly accomplished during this coaching period?

Inbox zero!, implementing the Getting Things Done system combined with Todoist for myself AND the admin department, 75% of the way done with systems to bring C2C in-house (mid-January launch date), our first wildly successful fundraiser to live our values in our community, 1st past-client event in years, 1-3-5's for projects,

What intangibles has coaching provided you during this coaching period?

Implementating GTD and Todoist for myself and our admin department has exponentially increased productivity. I've learned to manage my time and stress level. I'm able to tackle significantly more in my day and be home and fully PRESENT with my family in the evenings. My entire family can FEEL the difference! It has been incredibly exciting to watch the admin department create the same results in their lives. Stephanie has helped me TRAIN MY BRAIN to think productively: - Lead with purpose (I even use this for meetings & conversations) -Envision the outcome (what will this look like when complete) - Brainstorm (without focusing on the how) - Organize (I LOVE using a 1-3-5 for projects) -Identify the next right action (I now make it a point to end my conversations with this!)

What would you like your coach to know?

Stephanie, you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. You ask powerful questions to empower me to uncover the wisdom that already exists within myself. You have found the perfect balance of mindset coaching and practical solutions. Coaching with you has been the spring board that I was seeking for massive results in our team and my personal growth. I am grateful for you!

Bryn Hall , The Sarenpa Team

My mindset has expanded exponentially

What have you tangibly accomplished during this coaching period?

  • 75+ files per month
  • Hired a Senior TC
  • No Longer Work Files
  • Generating 15k/month in profit
  • Plan for Hiring my next 9 employees
  • Strategy for EVERYTHING

What intangibles has coaching provided you during this coaching period?

  • Inspired by Christy on a daily basis–encouraged to be a better mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and BOSS!!
  • Mindset expanded exponentially
  • Feel empowered and validated that I do have a good heart and am doing good in this crazy world
  • Insight into the thought process of agents, teams, and brokers
  • Christy has been a sounding board and a pushes me out of my box to think in ways that were uncomfortable to me before coaching.
  • Insight..in all areas
  • Shown what a difference having a great coach makes.I am no longer afraid of coaching calls and I look forward to them. (no longer berated and bullied)
  • Referrals
  • Introductions
  • Held accountable
  • Keeps me in check: FAMILY and GOD first…everything else second.
  • Advice on thriving while being an introvert in an extroverted position

Thanks for loving me and being a cheerleader for my success!

Jessica Stanley , Owner, HomeFile Transaction Coordination


What Have You TANGIBLY Accomplished During This Coaching Period?:

Where do I even begin?!?!?!?

1) Built tracking systems – Numbers tell the actual story. Understanding how to plan, adjust and predict business needs based on the hard facts and not just what I “feel” the business needs.

2) Accountability Structure – Self and team members. Setting up structured times and agendas to review with each team member. Keeping everyone accountable to their goals and ultimately the business’ goals.

3) Talent/Bench Strength Lead Generation & Hiring – what to look for, how to train and retain. How think about bench talent and how to keep them on the bench.

4) The use of and execution of the 1-3-5 & 4-1-1 to be intentional in the business.

5) Created our Mission, Vision, Standards and Organizational Chart.

What INTANGIBLES has coaching provided you during this coaching period?:

1) MINDSET MINDSET MINDSET!!!!! Honestly everything else pales in comparison to this. My actual capacity far out weighs my limiting beliefs. So I’ve decided to do away with the limiting beliefs …. they were getting in the way!!! 🙂

2) “Captain of Consistency” – getting to the place where the mundane meets mastery. Its the understanding that what we do isn’t hard, complicated or complex. It’s that success is granted to those who decide to simply show up on a consistent basis inching their way to the end.

3) Focusing my energy on items that will ACTUALLY produce and bring me/us closer to the end goal.

4) My relationship with my Mega was good before, it still is, but now its purposeful.

My life has periodically been blessed by strong successful women that have shown up at defining moments in my life. Each one of those women have pushed and propel me forward in the right direction at the exact moment I needed the shove. Christy, I feel like you are the next woman I get to add to my short but distinguished list. You have been life changing in more ways than you can even begin to imagine!!

Gina Wagstaff

Stephanie was a God send

Stephanie was a God send! She helped me prioritize what was important and introduced me to the concept of protecting my time and the importance of time-blocking. Her coaching was the start of my journey into becoming an effective Administrator and she provided me the foundation for growth and success. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. Her style and method is very effective in helping me to refocus my energies and complete some major goals. I can’t say enough positive things! I will forever be indebted to her for the growth I have as an outcome of her coaching ability.

Jacqueline Pallango

Lead Up & Fail Forward

What Have You TANGIBLY Accomplished During This Coaching Period?

Systems. Systems. Systems. All of my systems have been bettered because of coaching with Christy. I have successfully hired additional staff for leverage. I have put a system in place to track our numbers.

What INTANGIBLES has coaching provided you during this coaching period?

I have learned management and leadership skills. I have learned how to “lead up” and guide my superiors when necessary. I have learned how to shift the critical thinking of myself and my failures and use them to “fail forward” and turn them into positive learning experiences. I have learned how to ask for help when I need it.

What Would You Like Your Coach To Know?

How grateful I am that she took such ownership over leading me through this season. I appreciate how she kept me on task and pushed me just hard enough to get me to move on my own and refused to coddle me. I loved the accountability and I love her gentle spirit. Everyone should be so lucky to have a Christy in their life. xo

Susan Szulinksi

It's all because of you that I am who I am today

What have you tangibly accomplished during this coaching period?
I completed a 4-1-1 for the rest of 2018 and have a fantastic 4-1-1 for 2019. I completed my Operations manual from beginning to end in 4 months. I implemented a new onboarding process. I picked up a reading habit on books that were the best learning tool for me, and helped me how to have a fierce conversation when needed, and taught me about cult

What intangibles has coaching provided you during this coaching period?
I made an effort and took time to recreate a friendship with a long lost friend. I learned to keep work at work. I forced myself to step out of my comfort zone. I showed my family they were my priority and have done things we haven't done before.

What would you like your coach to know?
Thank you for everything you have taught me. It's all because of you that I am who I am today. You have helped me grow at work and personally. I have learned so much from you and continue to learn new things to make our business better and more productive and to make myself a stronger person in a whole. I am very appreciative for everything thus far and cant wait to see my growth for 2019!!

Stacy Jennings , Stroud & Associates

She seems to have mastered them all

I have worked professionally with Stephanie Brackett on many occasions and have had the pleasure of being coached and mentored by her to help excel my career as the lead admin for my Real Estate team.

Stephanie’s knowledge of and commitment to systems is beyond anything I had experienced before. I don’t want to move past that without going into depth on this topic, as I see this as one of her strongest contributions as a coach. Stephanie has managed to dial in and perfect multiple systems for the largest producing team in our area, and does it with precision and discipline. From transaction coordination, lead management, listing execution and management to office structure, policy and procedure and even Human Resources and team leadership, she seems to have mastered them all. Stephanie has the ability and passion to step out of day-to-day chaos and see the bigger vision for her team. This allows her to eliminate the reaction most admins have, which to panic or experience overwhelm, and perhaps slap an ill-fitting bandaid on problems that only provide temporary relief at best.

Stephanie has an ability to mentally work through system structures and predict where holes will be and remedy them before issues arise. She is also a strong leader on her team and leads through inspiration and passionate encouragement. You will know where you stand with Stephanie. She doesn’t sugar coat the truth and will encourage you to reach your full potential with genuine support and her educated experience.

Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable, yet still has a passion to continue learning. Steph is direct, driven, intelligent and patient. I’m more than happy to refer her and would encourage anyone that has the opportunity to learn from her to do so without hesitation!

Karen Leister

Your course was absolutely phenomenal

Hi Christy, I wanted to take the time to thank you for coming to Toronto and spending time with us. I must say your course was absolutely phenomenal. I run a team and was present with 2 team members and we all loved it. I went to MegaRelief and the girls completely took charge of the office like I’ve never seen before. And when I came back there was hardly any catch up to be done. WOW. Thank you so much for teaching that course. It changed our team and I hope I will be able to tell you many more stories moving forward. I was blown away and I think it was understated for the amount of value it provides. I was not expecting a class like that… I thought it would be more basic. Happy I attended it with them and every team leader should.

Cintia De Aguiar , Broker

I now understand my off-the-charts-high D-rainmaker better

I wanted to tell you how blessed I was at the 10 Secrets of a Mega EA. It gave me a lot to think about regarding the bottom line and helped me to understand my off-the-charts-high D-rainmaker better. I’ve already used a few different approaches and he’s noticed the difference.

Soryda Ring , Operations Manager, Connell Homes Group


Work has been epic since I went to your workshop!

Nicole Demiglio , COO, The Donovan Team

My EA just came back and said she learned more in a half day course than she did at Family Reunion & The Perfect Assistant.

Scott Kato , Mega Agent, Keller Williams

It is worth it

I can tell you it is worth it. My EA had her world flipped around and I have seen immediate results.

Matt Gorham , Keller Williams Realty

It is well worth it

I have been in real estate for 10 years and just recently transitioned to an Administrative Assistant for a team. You have given me the tools, suggestions and mentoring needed to do the job and more confidently than I would have been able to do this quickly. Whether new or been in the business for a while it is well worth it!

Brandi Fowler

I have learned so much and have many ideas on how to improve the small brokerage I work for

I am new to real estate, 10 months to be exact. After finishing the Systems Success Course I no longer feel lost in the nuances of this new field. I have learned so much and have many ideas on how to improve the small brokerage I work for. I would recommend the course for anyone, new or old, who is looking to improve (or create) their current systems.

Tia Herzberg

I highly suggest this course

I just finished the 12 week Systems Success Course. I highly suggest this course to both Admin and Transaction Coordinators (or individual agents). I have been in Real Estate for 5 years and still walked away feeling in a much better place than when I started.

Jessica Hubbard

The best decision I have made

My coach is very knowledgable, empowers me to want to do more, understands my challenges and provides the feedback & coaching to overcome them. My mindset was foggy when I first started and now I feel like I can conquer the world, so needless to say, my mindset has shifted to not having unlimited beliefs in myself. I've grown stronger as an implementer and empire protector on my team thanks to my coach. I just want to say this was the best decision I have made getting a coach. I look forward to BIGGER things we will accomplish in the future and beyond. Grateful for Ops Boss Coaching, Coach Stephanie, Coach Christy, and all the talented people that surround me.

Maria Mendoza , Ready Realty Group

There’s no better organization to align yourself with than Ops Boss Coaching

If you want to remain the same, be comfortable and never become the amazing Ops Boss that you were meant to be, then move along. Click that back button and enjoy complacency.

BUT if you want to experience amazing professional and personal growth, find your tribe, WOW your team, accomplish your goals, love what you do and change the world, then it’s time to take that step and there’s no better organization to align yourself with than Ops Boss Coaching.

About a year ago, my team lead asked if I wanted coaching. I needed some accountability and direction, so I set out to do some research on who was the best coach out there for my particular role. Numerous phone calls and hours of research later, I settled on Ops Boss Coaching. This is exactly what I was looking for. Christy has helped me create more structure in my day and with my team, better utilize my 411 and 135, and helped me focus in a whirlwind of the every day craziness that can consistently take you off track.

I’m so excited to see what 2019 will bring!!

Kendall Johnson , Operations Manager, Harrison Beacher Group, December 2018

I get so much out of every single call we are on

What have you tangibly accomplished during this coaching period?

Systems for tracking how to love my agents and communicate well.

Processes for properly time managing and training for a new admin and virtual assistant.

Implementing the Expectations/KASH worksheet for my new hires.

What intangibles has coaching provided you during this coaching period?

Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence

What would you like your coach to know?

I get so much out of every single call we are on. Even if I had nothing to talk about that day, I would always walk away with something I could tweak or do better in. It has been incredible to see the changes in myself and my team. I have appreciated every tip, trick and advice given!

Kathleen Hjeltness , Ben Kinney Team Vancouver

Thanks so much Christy Belt Grossman

Over a year ago I started coaching with Christy Belt Grossman with Ops Boss Coaching. In that time I have learned to own my role as Operations Manager and take hold of our teams operations! With Christy coaching me I have gained new knowledge and perspective on how to make our systems scalable, an accountability coach, friend, and cheerleader for me and our teams success. She has been there to get me through my own operations brick walls that I have created in my head! Excited for this next year and to see what 2019 brings! Thanks so much Christy Belt Grossman!

Lauren Woodling , Operations Manager Linde Moore & Associates, December 2018

I have an actual system in place for growth and hiring that I absolutely did not have before coaching

What have you tangibly accomplished during this coaching period?

I have an actual system in place for growth and hiring that I absolutely did not have before coaching. During the first month or so of coaching I wasn't able to "see" everything that we were accomplishing, honestly, but when I look back now I have documented systems and processes in place that can be tweaked and improved as I go through the hiring process again. I have more systems that I need to put in place to systematize/automate more of my business, but coaching has definitely made me more aware of the systems that I need and how to put them in place.

What intangibles has coaching provided you during this coaching period?

I am not a person who needs "accountability" in order to get my work completed, stay motivated, etc, but I have found that weekly calls and homework deadlines have forced me to do the work that I need to get done in order to move my business/life to the next level. When I'm really busy I don't work enough on my business, I get bogged down by the daily tasks. Weekly coaching has given me tasks to complete and a deadline that they must be completed by, which I think has been a big part of how I was able to complete my hiring guide/process and hire a new, great TC so quickly. Coaching has helped me be much more clear about my goals/vision for my company and Christy's plans and ideas on how to obtain those goals have been so helpful. I LOVE the idea of being more "purposeful" in all aspects -- life and business -- and coaching has definitely made me see that.

What would you like your coach to know?

Christy, you are so positive, insightful, and present. I think you are an incredible woman, wife, mother, business owner, and coach. I think you handle my personality well -- I already put so much pressure on myself and that is not what I am looking for in a coach (though I'm sure some people need that to stay motivated). I do not need added pressure, I just need guidance on what I should be doing on a normal/consistent basis to reach my goals, and I think your experience and patience has enhanced my business dramatically. I am thankful for you!

Krissy Shellenberger , Owner, Real Advantage Transaction Management

Stephanie, I'm incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve from our conversations.

What have you tangibly accomplished during this coaching period?
Successfully hired and trained a new to the industry Transaction Coordinator, rebuilt our c2c systems utilizing TC Workflow, experienced a smooth transition to TC in-house, led the admin department in the ongoing process of documenting our systems with 35+ videos and 20+ written step-by-step directions that will eventually be utilized in our operations manual, on-boarded and trained my first ISA position though 30-60-90, created marketing materials and plan for an agent with a specific target market, a quarter of the way through a thorough database clean up.

What intangibles has coaching provided you during this coaching period?I have grown in the confidence that I have in my unique voice that I bring to my team. I am having more effective conversations and asking powerful questions (thank you for modeling this Stephanie) to gain clarity and insight, create possibility and generate action.

What would you like your coach to know?Stephanie, I'm incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve from our conversations. You challenge me with questions that cause me to think for days. I end every coaching session with more clarity and clear action steps. Thank you!!

Bryn Hall , The Sarenpa Team