Let’s Get Bossy in Dallas!

Hi friends! Thanks for all the messages asking where we will be at Keller Williams Family Reunion in Dallas. We are SUPER excited to see you. We know many of the teams we coach will be there – some with KW and some with other companies. (Did you know a significant percentage of attendees (25% or so) are from outside KW?

We are OVER THE MOON about who will be on the panels our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman, will be facilitating! Every single panelist is INCREDIBLE at what they do and we can’t wait to learn from them all. (Our cell numbers are on the flyer in case you want to meet up and mastermind spur of the moment.)

Breakouts are listed below. Note: They are meant for both operations peeps AND agents/team owners. Anyone who is looking to grow their visionary/integrator relationship, and admin who want to grow their job into career. They will be intentionally HIGH-LEVEL. Most of these panelists have been with their agents for a LONG time (uber rare in the real estate industry) and they are the secret weapon in their team’s growth that we don’t talk about enough. So whether you are a newer admin, or a COO/CEO with a large team – I’m confident we will all learn a LOT!

Panel #1: Agents and Assistants: Power Up Your Partnership

“Get an insider’s look at the partnerships between high-functioning agents and assistants, find out what fuels their success, and learn how to take your own partnership to the next level.” (When you see the panelists, you’ll see these are not just “agents & assistants”, we have C Suite talent with BIG businesses.)

Date: Mon, Feb 17
Time: 7:45am – 9:00am
Room: D170/172
Panelists: Sue Adler & her COO Scott Shuman, and Shawn Anderson & his COO Stephanie Perry Brackett

Panel #2: Title: Build a Strategic Partnership with Your Assistant

Get an insider’s look at how high-functioning assistants fuel their success and learn how to take your own partnership to the next level.

Date: Mon, Feb 17
Time: 3:15pm – 4:30pm
Room: C141/143
Panelists: Scott Bluth, Amanda Doll, Hallie Warner & Monica Kelts

Panel #3: Operations Equals Opportunity

Adding operations makes your sales practice a business. Doing so means equal opportunity for growth to agents AND their ops staff. Our panel of operations leaders will share how they empowered their agents’ evolution from solo agent, to team owner, to multiple business owner. And, how their job became a career along the way.

Date: Mon, Feb 17
Time: 5:00pm – 6:15pm
Room: C141/143
Panelists: Rebecca VanderKolk, Ellenmarie Foga Franchi, Stephanie Perry Brackett, Mandy Barnicle Pyfferoen

Cheers to getting Bossy in Dallas! Yeehah!