Coffee with Christy & Crew (Monthly Mastermind): “Automate Like A Boss”

Join Ops Boss ™ Coaches Christy Belt Grossman, Stephanie Perry Brackett & Elizabeth Gilbert LIVE in the Be A Boss! 10 Secrets of a Mega EA Group for our monthly mastermind!

The topic is “Automate Like A Boss“!

Stephanie will give us a peek into some of the things she has done at Anderson Hicks Group (and at home) to make things easier on everyone, be more efficient and especially to be more EFFECTIVE – including using Jotforms, Zapier, Calendly, Brivity and Alexa!

NOTE: This event is ONLY for Ops Boss Coaching™ clients, BE A BOSS class Alumni, and Ops Boss™ Leader Retreat attendees. This is not a class. It’s a casual conversation we invite you to participate in!

Can’t wait to get bossy with you!