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5 “Must Reads” For Ops Bosses™ (AND their Agents)

Ops Boss Reading List

Do you wish your assistant (or your Agent!) was more on the same page with you? Try reading books together. If you follow our blog, you’ve heard me talk about the importance of going to classes & events together. (“Those who GO together, GROW together”). Well, I have another saying. “Those who READ together, LEAD […]

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Ops Boss Coaching™ On YouTube!

Did you know we have a whole array of FREE resources available on YouTube? You can find our Ops Boss™ YouTube channel here and enjoy a myriad of content like: The Magical CEO-COO Relationship Coffee with Christy & Crew: Automate Like A Boss Coffee with Christy & Crew: Marketing & Social Media Coffee with Christy […]

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7 Reasons To Hire An Introvert Assistant

Ops Bosses™ come in all shapes and forms. There’s no one-size-fits all. That said, there are MANY real estate assistants who would call themselves introverts. Here are seven reasons you might want to hire one: 1. You’re An Extrovert Many successful REALTORS® are extroverts. If you’re one of them, it might be wise to hire […]

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Administrative Professionals Day – Why Bother?

Greetings REALTOR® Friends! If you are High D like me, you may think Hallmark holidays are well, Hallmark holidays. Especially this year with the disruption of Coronavirus. Administrative Professionals’ Day is next Wednesday, April 22nd. It may be a silly Hallmark holiday, and I believe we can never show enough gratitude. Gratitude is a fantastic […]

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Is “Lead Gen” A Dirty Word In The Ops World?

Some agents think admin staff should lead generate. It’s as simple as that. Some think they should actually hard core prospect right along with the team on a daily basis. Others think they should do a “soft” version of lead gen, calling through the database for updates or for client events. And some (and by […]

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