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Communicate Like An Ops Boss®

“I’m not sure how to bring it up.” “I tried to talk to her about it, and by the time the conversation was over, we never got around to talking about it.” “We ended up going off on tangents.” “I forgot to share my most important point!” These are some of the comments our Ops […]

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Words Create Worlds – Do Yours?

“Words create worlds.” This is the introduction Jake Dreyfuss used when he interviewed our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman, on his podcast “Sell Them With Kindness“. He made the comment in relation to the evolution in the industry that Christy has spearheaded for many years, to elevate the operations role in real estate; changing the vernacular […]

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Lessons Learned When Merging Teams

A few years ago, one of our coaches (Stephanie Brackett) was instrumental in handling the “logistics” of merging two very large real estate teams. Her team (now called Anderson Hicks Group and the #28 team in Real Trends across all brokerages) was a pioneer in what we now see happening more and more. We aren’t […]

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Administrative Professionals Day – Why Bother?

Greetings REALTOR® Friends! If you are High D like me, you may think Hallmark holidays are well, Hallmark holidays. Especially this year with the disruption of Coronavirus. Administrative Professionals’ Day is next Wednesday, April 21st. It may be a silly Hallmark holiday, and I believe we can never show enough gratitude. Gratitude is a fantastic […]

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24 Touch Your TEAM!

You probably already have a “touch plan” built for your clients and sphere of influence, but do you have one for your team?! If you’re a Director of Operations or COO of a real estate team, then your role contributes to both culture & retention. The administrative “side” of the business of course provides “transactional” […]

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Ten Lessons In Ten Years – A Rocket Fuel Tribute

In real estate, it’s uber rare to find agents who have long term administrative talent on their team. It’s much more common for there to be a “revolving door” in the Executive Assistant/Director of Operations role – with agents hiring/replacing/hiring/replacing (and sometimes giving up!) A few months ago, one of our coaches celebrated her 10th […]

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Do Your Goals Have Legs?

It’s 2021 and THIS is the year you’ve been waiting for! It’s YOUR year! By the time you are read this post, you’ve probably written your “New Year’s Resolutions” . . . OR maybe you don’t believe in setting “resolutions” . . . OR maybe you don’t wait for New Year’s and you set them […]

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