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7 Reasons To Hire An Introvert Assistant

Ops Bosses™ come in all shapes and forms. There’s no one-size-fits all. That said, there are MANY real estate assistants who would call themselves introverts. Here are seven reasons you might want to hire one: 1. You’re An Extrovert Many successful REALTORS® are extroverts. If you’re one of them, it might be wise to hire […]

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Administrative Professionals Day – Why Bother?

Greetings REALTOR® Friends! If you are High D like me, you may think Hallmark holidays are well, Hallmark holidays. Especially this year with the disruption of Coronavirus. Administrative Professionals’ Day is next Wednesday, April 22nd. It may be a silly Hallmark holiday, and I believe we can never show enough gratitude. Gratitude is a fantastic […]

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Is “Lead Gen” A Dirty Word In The Ops World?

Some agents think admin staff should lead generate. It’s as simple as that. Some think they should actually hard core prospect right along with the team on a daily basis. Others think they should do a “soft” version of lead gen, calling through the database for updates or for client events. And some (and by […]

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BE A BOSS Class Series – Updated Schedule

A number of our Ops Boss Coaching™ classes have been rescheduled due to the Coronavirus. If you have tickets, there’s nothing you need to do. They have been automatically transferred by the office or Market Center so your spot is SAFE! As the housing market bounces back, we expect a LOT of pent-up demand. We […]

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“Be Brutal. Cut! Cut! Cut!” (Ideas To Save You Money)

Those are Gary Keller’s rallying words from the chapter on Tactic #2 (Remargining Your Business – Expense Management) of the book “SHIFT“. As we see daily changes around the country with how real estate is done, it’s imperative that we all slash our expenses – both personally and in our businesses. So we’ve gathered some […]

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9 Ways Ops Bosses™ Avoid Decision Fatigue

One of the magazines I like to read when I travel is Harper’s Bazaar. It’s a fashion magazine and they have a column called “A Day in The Life” (originally called “My List – 24 Hours With . . .”). The subject of the article is usually a fashion designer – think Tom Ford, Michael […]

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