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Do Your Goals Have Legs?

It’s 2021 and THIS is the year you’ve been waiting for! It’s YOUR year! By the time you are read this post, you’ve probably written your “New Year’s Resolutions” . . . OR maybe you don’t believe in setting “resolutions” . . . OR maybe you don’t wait for New Year’s and you set them […]

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It’s December. While the New Year is still on the horizon, our minds have already leapt ahead to 2021. What we do in November/December in real estate shows up in January/February. Most top producers have already set their goals for 2021. Has your assistant set his/her own goals? We often hear admin (we prefer the […]

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What Your Ops Boss™ Wants For The Holidays

Around this time of year, we often get the question from Agents about what to give their Ops Boss™ to show appreciation. We wrote a blog post about this last year, and the “unofficial consensus” was TIME. (Go back and read it because we still believe giving your “partner in crime” your time is the […]

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Does Your Assistant Add, Subtract, Divide or Multiply?

Our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman, cohosts a podcast called “The Leader Equation” (along with Linzee Ciprani, CEO of Ciprani Consulting, the nation’s top recruiter for real estate admin). On the podcast, we interview Entrepreneurs and their “Shotgun Leaders” – inside and outside real estate. Which means we often host the nation’s top real estate agents […]

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Migrating To Brivity – Help!

Changing CRM’s can feel overwhelming. Moving your database (or as we call it, your dataBANK). And re-creating your action plans. Where do you start? A couple of years ago, one of our Coaches, Stephanie Brackett  led the charge for her team (Anderson Hicks Group) to move from FOUR separate CRMs into one. They merged CINC, […]

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Here We Grow Again – Meet Jessica Hubbard

BREAKING! Here’s the news we teased about last week! Message from our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman: If you participate in the EA/DOO/Admin Facebook Groups, you know there are a few people who ALWAYS contribute, who do so from the heart, and when they speak, they are super thoughtful in their responses. They don’t just throw […]

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The Power of ONE Habit: “Bringing Books To Life”

You’ve heard the saying “Leaders are Readers.” We think that’s true. AND just because you read a lot of books, it doesn’t mean you are leader. Leaders take action. When they read a book, they implement what they learned. At the Ops Boss™ Leader Retreat this year, we had a great panel discussion on how […]

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