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3 Tips To Hire A Great Assistant

Top REALTORS® tell us one of their biggest pain points is hiring an assistant. They often hire what turns out to be the wrong person. Then wonder whether they’re cut out to have an assistant in the first place, because all their fears about delegating to someone come true. Here are 3 tips to mitigate […]

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Let’s Get Bossy in Dallas!

Hi friends! Thanks for all the messages asking where we will be at Keller Williams Family Reunion in Dallas. We are SUPER excited to see you. We know many of the teams we coach will be there – some with KW and some with other companies. (Did you know a significant percentage of attendees (25% […]

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Here We Grow Again – Welcome Hannah Perkey!

BREAKING! Here’s the news we teased about last week!  Message from our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman: A few years ago, I had what was a fairly brief conversation with someone. Albeit brief, it was one of those head-turner conversations. I can’t tell you exactly what we discussed, I just had a feeling I needed to […]

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Ops Boss Coaching™ CEO Elected to Board of NARESP

Ops Boss Coaching™ is proud to announce that our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman, has been elected to serve a one-year term as a Director on the Board of The National Association of Real Estate Support Professionals (NARESP). Christy is known for working tirelessly over many years to raise the bar on the operations side of […]

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What Your Ops Boss Wants For The Holidays

I’m going to say something to team owners and agents that may be a bit provocative. (Of course – that’s like saying “a bit pregnant” – either you are or you’re not.) So here goes: Is it about you or is it about them? Around this time each year, I see a bunch of Facebook […]

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Are You Ready to Support Another Human?

Earlier this year, I wrote what was probably my most controversial blog post of the year. It was celebrated by Ops Bosses™ and panned by real estate agents. It was titled How Much Should I Pay My Real Estate Assistant?. As I hit publish, I could almost hear the cheers going up around the country […]

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The Leader Equation

We get asked frequently what podcasts an Ops Boss™ (Executive Assistant, Director of Operations, Real Estate Admin, COO) should be listening to. We’d like to humbly suggest OURS! We are now 10 episodes in to “The Leader Equation”, a podcast hosted by our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman, along with Linzee Ciprani, CEO of Ciprani Consulting […]

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How – and Why – to Create a Growth Plan

What should go on my growth plan if I am an Executive Assistant in real estate (or a Transaction Coordinator, Listing Manager, Director of Operations, Chief Operating Officer or all-around Ops Boss™)? First, let’s back up. What is a Growth Plan & why do you need one? A Growth Plan is a purposeful strategy where […]

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