Because You’re Worth It

If you’re asking yourself why you should make the time and incur the expense of attending a professional conference, the best answer I have beckons back to a version of the iconic phrase from L’Oréal – “Because you’re worth it”*. It’s about investing in yourself, and it’s the best return on investment you’ll ever make! […]

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… and More!

We’re really looking forward to seeing so many of you at the OPS BOSS™ LEADER RETREAT! Having trained and coached more than 1,600 Chief Operating Officers, Directors of Operations, and Executive Assistants, I’m excited to offer you the opportunity to engage with other smart, motivated, successful people in the field of real estate operations. This […]

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Conversation Starters: Be Brilliant at Meet ‘N Greets

Are you comfortable walking up to someone you don’t know and starting a conversation? With our upcoming, first-of-its-kind OPS BOSS™ LEADER RETREAT on the horizon, we’re working hard to make sure everyone who attends has an amazing time. You likely already know our speakers are incredible…the keynote speaker, April Carroll, is a former ATF Special […]

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Christy’s Ops Boss™ Reading List

To be a “Mega EA”, you have to always be growing. After all, if your Mega Agent is growing, you’d better grow too or you’ll get left behind. And besides, it’s FUN! One great way to do that is by reading and implementing what you read. Here are some of our favorite books, blogs & […]

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Ideas & Topics for Your EA Mastermind

If you’d like to start an EA/Ops Mastermind – here are some of the topics we’ve discussed over the years: An idea to get more business for your agent/team What are you best business practices? Scripts for Admin 33 Touch A challenge you are facing that you need help with The best book you’ve read […]

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