Because You’re Worth It

If you’re asking yourself why you should make the time and incur the expense of attending a professional conference, the best answer I have beckons back to a version of the iconic phrase from L’Oréal – “Because you’re worth it”*. It’s about investing in yourself, and it’s the best return on investment you’ll ever make!

Since it’s true that not all conferences are created equal, I’m going to focus on our upcoming OPS BOSS™ LEADER RETREAT as an example of what else you stand to gain – along with an amazing ROI – by investing in yourself.

There can be a wealth of worthwhile information and new ideas garnered at conferences. Speakers introduce their audiences to new ways of thinking, new tools, and trends in the field. These occasions give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge. However, conferences like ours will provide you with more than that. You’ll get great face-to-face feedback from some of the most respected people in the industry. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to choreograph the conversation – to ask questions about what you’re really interested in or to seek help for issues you’ve been wrestling with – up close and personal.

By taking advantage of this kind of opportunity, you’ll have the chance to speak with the top operations leaders in real estate, and you never know what might be gained during an offhand chat. Every attendee at this conference is a leader. You could be grabbing coffee before the day starts, and that one conversation could change the trajectory of your career.

Sometimes you have to step away from your everyday tasks to really hone in on your overall goal…to grow yourself so that you can grow your team. It’s difficult to focus in on building a company when you’re caught up in the day-to-day minutiae of your daily duties. One of the best strategies there is for perspective-building is spending time with new people in a different environment.

Think about it. When you travel somewhere you’ve never been before, all your senses seem to be on high alert. That’s because a fresh atmosphere can expand your horizons and open up your mind to new approaches and ideas. It can jump-start your creativity and make you more receptive to innovative strategies.

In a word, you’ll come away energized! There is nothing more stimulating than being in a room full of growth-oriented people eager to share new ideas and approaches with you.

Attending conferences like ours will also give you an opportunity to share that idea you’ve been mulling over in your mind. You’ll be able to get some input and gather some different perspectives on it. Who knows, it could be an idea that revolutionizes your field!

And, by attending a first-of-its-kind event like ours, you’ll become a part of history. Remember, the OPS BOSS™ LEADER RETREAT is ALL OPS, BY OPS and FOR OPS at a leader level.

This, of course, is not an all inclusive list of reasons to attend a conference. (I didn’t even mention the part about having a great time!) Nevertheless, I do want to briefly return to reason #1 for being there. You owe it – first and foremost – to yourself, and also to your team and your team’s clients.