What Your Ops Boss™ Wants For The Holidays

Around this time of year, we often get the question from Agents about what to give their Ops Boss™ to show appreciation. We wrote a blog post about this last year, and the “unofficial consensus” was TIME. (Go back and read it because we still believe giving your “partner in crime” your time is the BEST hing you can do.)

This year we did a poll in our Ops Boss Coaching™ private Facebook Group and there was one answer that was a clear winner (with 3 times as many votes as the next most popular answer). The answer probably reflects the times we are in – as many admin experienced reduced hours, lost jobs, or partners who have experienced the same during Covid. (Side note: The teams we coach almost all experienced the opposite. Most had their best years ever.)

Things that got zero to one vote (and DID get a lot more votes last year):

  • Flowers
  • More flexible schedule (um, Covid)
  • Gift card
  • Surprise trip to the mall
  • An extra monitor (most already have this now)
  • The ability to work from home more (um, Covid)

Here’s the 2020 Top Ten List of What Your Ops Bosses™ Want For The Holidays:

  • 10. Quality time/learning together/unlimited vacation (TIED)
  • 9. Nothing – my agent shows appreciation all year long
  • 8. BE A BOSS Class tickets/Education Budget
  • 7. Private office
  • 6. Standup desk
  • 5. Show up on time and don’t cancel meetings with me
  • 3&4. Ticket to Ops Boss™ Leader Retreat – Spa Card (TIED)
  • 2. A Coach

DRUMROLL PLEASE . . . The number one answer is:


Our Favorite Answers were:

#9  – Nothing – my agent shows appreciation all year long

High Five to the agents who had Ops Bosses™ choose that answer!

#8 – BE A BOSS Class tickets/Education Budget

We have 4 classes coming up:

#2 – A Coach

  • Group Coaching for 2021 starts Jan 5th (enroll online anytime).
  • We are working on coaching schedules NOW for Elite 1:1 Coaching. Contact us or schedule a call if your Ops Boss™ should be on our radar as spots are limited!

Who spends more time focused on YOUR success than your assistant? Probably not too many people. Appreciate them LIKE A BOSS!

Happy Holidays!