Upcoming Events

The Ops Boss™ Leader Retreat
October 18-20, 2019 • Fairfax, VA

A once-a-year three day event in the Washington DC area for Operations Leaders. Stay tuned for 2020 dates.

Upcoming Classes:

"BE A BOSS! 10 Secrets of a Mega EA"

"BE A BOSS 2.0! Systems Are Sexy"

What is "Be A Boss! 10 Secrets of a Mega EA?

Be A Boss is an interactive class for engaged learners - for both AGENTS AND ADMIN. Learn how an "average assistant" becomes an Ops Boss™ by going from being an expense to an investment with an ROI. Find out the difference between having a job and building a career!

Topics include:

  • Mega Mindset & Paths to Growth
  • The 3X Rule
  • Leadership, Accountability, Ownership Mentality
  • Making Failing Forward Fun
  • Communication
  • Lots More!

You will walk out with:

  • Ideas To Generate Income For Your Team
  • Ideas For Your Annual Goals
  • An Accountability Partner
  • A Growth Plan
  • Ways To Leverage Numbers
  • Ways To Eliminate Squirrels
  • Confidence To Own Your Role
  • Energy & Strategies To Conquer The Chaos

What is "Be A Boss 2.0 - Systems Are Sexy"

Be A Boss 2.0 is an interactive class for engaged learners - for both AGENTS AND ADMIN. A true Ops Boss™ knows how to build systems that are smooth, purposeful and generate income! We are spilling our secrets and teaching you how!

Who Should Attend?

  • Rainmakers/Team Owners/Agents with Assistants
  • Agents Who Are Their Own Assistant
  • Agents Who Will Be Hiring Assistants
  • ALL Operations Staff

Attendees Walk Out w Tangible Results:

  • Roadmap For The Systems You Need
  • Experience Building A System So You Can Build Your Own
  • Database Basics, Tips & Tricks
  • Referral System with Proven Results of almost $400K in GCI Closed 1st Half of 2019
  • Onboarding System That Will Blow Your New Hires' Socks Off


  • What Is A System 
  • 5 Steps To Create A System
  • What Systems Do I Need?
  • Plug & Play Systems
  • Class Case Study + Group Case Study
  • Group Presentations
  • How To Implement & Get Buy-In
  • Evaluation & Efficacy
  • Mindset Matters

About BE A BOSS - from Dani Landers, Director of Operations, Team Gale, Coldwell Banker