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The Ops Boss™ Leader Retreat
October 18-20 • Fairfax, VA

What is the Be A Boss class?

Learn how to up your game! Propel your team and your career to higher heights.
Find out the difference between having a job and building a career!

Be A Boss is an interactive class for engaged learners.

Topics include:

  • Mega Mindset
  • Paths to Growth
  • The 3X Rule
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Ownership Mentality
  • Making Failing Forward Fun
  • Communication
  • Lots More!

You will walk out with:

  • Ideas To Generate Income For Your Team
  • Ideas For Your Annual Goals
  • An Accountability Partner
  • A Growth Plan
  • Ways To Leverage Numbers
  • Ways To Eliminate Squirrels
  • Confidence To Own Your Role
  • Energy & Strategies To Conquer The Chaos

About BE A BOSS - from Dani Landers, Director of Operations, Team Gale, Coldwell Banker