The Power of ONE Habit: “Bringing Books To Life”

You’ve heard the saying “Leaders are Readers.” We think that’s true.

AND just because you read a lot of books, it doesn’t mean you are leader. Leaders take action. When they read a book, they implement what they learned.

At the Ops Boss™ Leader Retreat this year, we had a great panel discussion on how you “bring books to life”. Our panelists included three avid readers whose lives and businesses have changed massively by the actions they took as a result of what they have read. Panelists were:

  • Jodee Gorsich (Operations Manager of The Chisum Group in New Mexico)
  • Elizabeth Gilbert (COO of Ron Henderson & Associated in Kansas City and Ops Boss™ Coach)
  • Jessica Hubbard (Founder & CEO of Hubbard Realty Group in Joplin MO, and Ops Boss™ Coach)

We asked them to share with us their favorite books. Here’s their list:

Bringing Books To Life Reading List