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At Ops Boss™, we believe in dreaming big, achieving big, and impacting lives. We also believe the only way to do that is with great people who truly enjoy what they do. Our team is dedicated to empowering others to be their best with authenticity, faith, integrity, and passion.

Ready to get bossy and shoot for the stars?

Christy Belt G​rossman

Christy Belt Grossman is the CEO and Owner of Ops Boss Coaching LLC. Christy's passion for raising the bar on the operations side of real estate, especially for those “riding shotgun”, was fueled by her experience as COO of The Belt Team from 1995-2018. (The Belt Team is one of the nation's top real estate teams with over $1 Billion SOLD). This is what inspired her to found her company in 2015. Christy is the author of the popular "BE A BOSS" class series which over 3,000 have attended. She also keeps an elite roster of personal coaching clients across North America. Her personal motto is “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”  

Stephanie Brackett

Stephanie Brackett is a Coach and Certified BE A BOSS Trainer. She is also the Chief Operating Officer of The Anderson Hicks Group in Idaho Falls, ID (one of the top real estate teams nationwide selling almost 600 homes in 2019). Not only does Stephanie have a deep background in real estate operations, she has also been a business owner and corporate trainer, both of which give her unique insights to share when coaching and training. And she's affectionately known around the country as "The Systems Queen". She is especially passionate about elevating the administrative roles in real estate. Her family is her “Big Why”.  

Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is a Coach and leads our Group Coaching Program. She is also the Chief Operations Officer at Ron Henderson & Associates in Kansas City, MO. Their team consistently sells over 100 homes per year. Elizabeth got her start in real estate in 2004 as a Marketing and Administrative Assistant. In 2010, she joined Ron Henderson as his Executive Assistant and quickly transitioned into the role of Chief Operations Officer. She known nationwide as the author of the popular blog "The Assistant Files". Elizabeth loves creating "light bulb moments" with her clients. 

Hannah Perkey

Hannah Perkey is a Coach with Ops Boss Coaching™ and is also the active CEO of Evelo Team in Indianapolis. Her real estate team helped more than 200 families last year. She hails from corporate America and has a deep background in both operations AND business building (and is a self proclaimed “freak” for processes and organization.)  She is passionate about helping people reach success for themselves beyond what they thought could have ever been possible.

Bill Grossman

Bill Grossman is the Boss of THE Ops Boss™. He is an integral part of the team as our Chief Financial Officer. Bill has an Economics degree from The College of William & Mary, and his M.B.A. in Finance from George Washington University. He has coached baseball for 15+ years and is passionate about team building and serving others. Bill is also Christy’s husband of 37 years and the calm voice of reason who supports the team in many ways including financial forecasting and an optimistic outlook.

Sheila Racinez

Sheila Racinez is the Ops Boss™Lion Tamer. She is an indispensable part of the team. You won’t see her much, though, because she likes to work her magic from behind the curtain to keep things running smoothly. Sheila is the Captain of our Ops Boss™Leader Retreat, the mother of three teenagers, and a former Supply Officer on a Navy ship. She keeps the Ops Boss™ ship on track and sailing with a smile.