… and More!

We’re really looking forward to seeing so many of you at the OPS BOSS™ LEADER RETREAT! Having trained and coached more than 1,600 Chief Operating Officers, Directors of Operations, and Executive Assistants, I’m excited to offer you the opportunity to engage with other smart, motivated, successful people in the field of real estate operations.

This event will be crucial in giving you the ammunition you need to optimize your leadership skills and helping you rise to the next echelon in your career.

However, I hope while you’re here you’ll also have an opportunity to enjoy some of the other incredible things there are to do in our nation’s capital. If you think you can’t afford the time, consider this: According to WebMD, the benefits of fitting leisure time into a hectic schedule are abundant and may make the difference between sickness and health!

With that in mind, I thought you might enjoy reading about some of the unique free-time opportunities you can choose to do while you’re here. (Our area is so unique, that I’d highly recommend you come a day early or stay a day late to take full advantage of what there is to see!)

  • Enjoy the iconic monuments and a plethora of museums (many of which are free) such as the Capitol, White House, and Supreme Court; the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial and the National World War II Memorial; Museum of American History, African American Museum and the Air & Space Museum. (A night-time tour of the monuments will take your breath away!
  • Revel in some of the best cheap eats around D.C. – everything from Vietnamese and Japanese to Korean and Middle Eastern to Ethiopian and barbecue. And, for some of Reston’s cheap eats, click here.
  • Listen to live music in Georgetown at places like Blues Alley, Gypsy Sally’s, and Bistrot Lepic & Wine Bar.

Of course, the list of amazing things to do is pretty much endless, and the best part of your trip will be spending your days being educated and inspired, as well as meeting your high-thinking counterparts. So, if you haven’t had a chance yet, take a few moments and register for the OPS BOSS™ LEADER RETREAT. Let’s Get Bossy!